The Main Reason Cheves Briceno is the Best Law Firm Near You? It’s Our Team

The Main Reason Cheves | Briceno is the Best Law Firm Near You? It's Our Team

When searching for the best law firm near you, you might think about the expertise of the partners and the lawyers. However, a truly exceptional law firm is built on the strength of its entire team. At Cheves | Briceno, we understand that every role is crucial to the success of our cases and the satisfaction of our clients. Our diverse and dedicated team members each play a pivotal role in delivering top-notch legal services. Here’s a closer look at the people who make us the best law firm near you.

Garnett Knott : CASE MANAGER

Garnet Knott is an experienced Case Manager with two decades of experience. As a Case Manager, Garnet Knott ensures that your case is handled meticulously, organized, and with empathy.  From the initial consultation to the final disbursement, Garnet Knott will ensure that no stone is left unturned. Garnet Knott contributes significantly to our firm’s success by making clients feel like part of our family.  

Kirstin Kava: CASE MANAGER

Kirstin Kava has over a decade of Case Management experience.  Kirstin’s Case Management skills assure that your case is organized, well communicated, and thoroughly organized. Her skills include Case Manager training and customer service.  Kirstin is committed to your case from the Welcome Call to the disbursement.  Kirstin  contributes substantially to the success of the firm through her passion and attention to detail.  

Ericka Shanks: CASE MANAGER

Ericka Shanks is an experienced Case Manager and Paralegal.  Ericka ’s Case Management abilities are diverse and include litigation training.  Her conscientious attention to your case, its organization, and conclusion.  From your first interaction with Ericka  to the final disbursement of your case, she will be available to you to assist you with your case.  She contributes considerably to the firm and its success by relentlessly pursuing justice.


Litigation can be a complex process, but Chelsie Benitez simplifies it with her expertise. As a Litigation Paralegal, Chelsie assists our attorneys by managing documentation, scheduling, conducting research, drafting, and preparing for trial. Her support is vital in building strong cases that stand up in court.  Chelie Benitez is an integral part of the success of the firm by being there for the biggest fights. 

Andressa Briceno: CONTROLLER

Behind every efficient law firm is a stellar finance officer, and Andressa Briceno is ours. Andressa oversees the finances of the firm, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and assuring that the firm is financially healthy. These management skills ensure that our attorneys can focus on what they do best—advocating for our clients.


Karine Silva, our Office Manager, keeps the office environment conducive to productivity. From administrative tasks to coordinating office activities, Karine’s role is essential in maintaining an organized and professional workplace. Her contributions assure that Cheves | Briceno provides a healthy work environment for all. We believe that having happy team members means better results for our clients. 


Luis Escobar specializes in immigration law, providing crucial support in handling immigration cases. His thorough understanding of immigration processes and his dedication to our clients make him an invaluable member of our team. Luis receives high marks from clients and bosses alike. A charismatic individual who truly cares about the people he helps.


Like Luis Fabrizio Rincon is dedicated to assisting our immigration clients. His expertise and attention to detail ensure that all paperwork is accurate and submitted on time, significantly improving our clients’ chances of success. Fabrizio spends a lot of his time talking his clients through the process, listening to their stories, and at times, just talking about life. A true professional who hates making mistakes and is invested in the outcome of our cases.


Maria Casillas is the first point of contact for many of our clients. Her role in intake involves gathering initial information and setting the tone for the client’s experience with us. Maria’s welcoming demeanor and professionalism make her an integral part of our team. She is thorough and invests the early hours of each case making sure the attorneys have all the information they are going to need to start the cases on the right foot.


Bruno Rocha brings additional strength to our immigration team. Bruno was a lawyer in his native Brazil. His commitment to our clients and his ability to navigate complex immigration issues help us provide top-tier services to those in need. Bruno’s own experiences with the immigration system allow him the unique perspective of knowing what our clients are going through. He got into the immigration field to help others not go through what he went through.

Karen Orellana: RECEPTION

As the face of our firm, Karen Orellana’s role at reception is crucial. She greets clients, handles inquiries, and ensures that everyone who contacts our firm feels welcomed and valued. She is one of the few people that talks to literally everyone who deals with our firm. When Karen isn’t spending every minute of the day on the phone, she is in our lobby speaking and laughing with clients. 


Zulima Marin’s expertise in immigration law adds depth to our team. Her dedication to helping clients navigate the complexities of immigration processes is a testament to our firm’s commitment to excellence. Zulima was a lawyer in her native Colombia and has an eye for details and can sniff out the smallest of mistakes or oversights. Co-workers and attorneys alike often call on Zulima when they need an extra set of eyes.


Julio Ragas oversees our immigration department. Julio was a certified lawyer in Venezuela and Spain. He brings a brilliant legal mind to all issues and cases in the firm. His leadership and extensive knowledge in immigration law ensure that our team is always on top of the latest developments, providing the best service to our clients. Julio has the best run and most talented department in the business. He is crucial to our success.

Rodrigo Lambert: Records Coordinator

Rodrigo Lambert supports our firm’s administrative needs, ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Rodrigo is an attorney in his native Brazil. He comes from the world of commercial banking and is a paperwork specialist. Rodrigo ensures our attorneys and case managers are focusing on what they do best while he requests, collects, organizes and syphons through bills and records. His role is critical in maintaining the operational efficiency of our firm.


Isabel Chanonhouse, as our Executive Assistant, supports our senior attorneys and management team. Isabel is able to keep this team in optimal operational capacity by assisting in the prioritization and organization of their schedules and tasks. Her organizational skills and ability to manage multiple tasks make her an essential part of our firm’s success.


At Cheves Briceno, it is not just the lawyers who make us the best law firm near you—it is our entire team. Each member, from case managers to paralegals to administrative staff, plays a crucial role in our mission to achieve maximum success for our clients. It is this collective effort and dedication that set us apart and make us the best law firm near you.

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