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No matter how it occurred, a personal injury can be a devastating experience that produces lifelong complications. While the most common causes of personal injuries are typically car accidents, commercial truck accidents and slip and fall accidents, the. If the negligence of another individual or entity resulted in your personal injury you’re likely entitled to compensation to assist with recovery. Compensation for personal injuries can be owed due to damages like pain and suffering, lost wages, reduced quality of life, mental anguish and much more. An expert Sandy Springs personal injury lawyer will help you understand exactly which damages are relevant to you based on the details of your individual claim.

Our approach as a trusted Sandy Springs personal injury lawyer is to always give clients the personalized attention they deserve and require during difficult times. By listening closely to your specific circumstances we’re able to craft the most effective and substantive case possible and maximize your opportunity to receive compensation

Why Hire a Sandy Springs Personal Injury Lawyer?

Hello, Sandy Springs residents. If you have suffered an injury and are not currently working with a qualified Sandy Springs personal injury lawyer, chances are high that you’ve been attempting to settle the claim directly with an insurance company. Insurance companies have large, sophisticated legal teams that have aggressive strategies to protect the interests of the company. Don’t face these insurance companies alone – it’s better to act quickly with the support of a Sandy Springs personal injury lawyer than wait for a favorable resolution of your claim. After a personal injury occurs, claimants (the injured party) have a limited amount of time to file a suit against the negligent party. In many states, including Georgia, you have only 2 years (in most cases) to file a suit regarding your injury. A Sandy Springs personal injury lawyer will walk you through each step of the process from day one until you’ve received the compensation you deserve.

Sandy Springs Truck Accident Lawyer

Did you know that truck drivers are required to follow a higher number of regulations? Additionally, commercial truck driver’s employers can also be found negligent if they have failed to uphold certain standards or required their employees to follow unsafe practices. An experienced Sandy Springs truck accident lawyer like those at Cheves Briceno will be able to examine all potential sources of evidence to determine whether multiple parties are at fault. This could mean a much more substantial compensation package for your claim.

Personal Injury Attorney Lawrenceville Cases We Handle

Beautiful Sandy Springs is a wonderful place to live and work, but accidents and injuries occur in Sandy Springs.  It is critical that you consult with a personal injury lawyer Sandy Springs like our lawyers at Cheves Briceno if you are exploring a claim. Your future compensation depends on hiring experienced, qualified attorneys.  

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