Recent Changes in Georgia Workers Comp Law – Your Questions Answered by Cheves Briceno

Recent Changes in Georgia Law Regarding Workers Compensation: Your Questions Answered by Cheves Briceno

As the premier workplace injury lawyers in Georgia, we stay aware of any and all changes in  Georgia workers comp law.  As a results, our clients know they receive the best representation for their workers comp claim and that their attorneys will never be blindsided by a lack of understanding of workers comp law. 

In this blog, we will take a look at Georgia’s workers compensation laws, recent changes in the laws, what workers comp is all about, types of workplace injuries that commonly occur, and make our case as to why we are the best choice if you have a workers compensation claim anywhere in the state of Georgia.

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What are Georgia Workers Comp Laws that Can Impact My Claim?

Georgia’s workers compensation laws are designed to protect Georgia employees who may sustain an employment-related injury or illness.  Under Georgia law, employers are required to give medical benefits and replace lost wages in the event of a worker’s injury, with the goal of avoiding lawsuits and long fights over who is responsible for the injury or illness. 

What are Some Important Changes in Workers Comp Laws in Georgia?

Georgia has updated workers comp laws in recent years, with many updates seeking to improve benefits for workers who have been injured on the job and with as part of a broader attempt to improve processes surrounding workers compensation claims.  These changes include:

  1. Workers Compensation Coverage Expansion Coverage has been expanded in recent years to become available to more workers. This means many workers previously excluded from workers comp coverage are now eligible.
  2. Maximum Potential Benefits Have Increased in Recent Years: The maximum benefits cap for compensation related to medical expenses and lost wages resultant from a work injury or illness in Georgia has been raised.
  1. Rehabilitation Services Have Been Enhanced: Georgia has spent public funds to improve workers compensation-related rehabilitation services.  This has enabled parts of the workforce to recover more quickly and return to work in a timely manner.
  2. Safety Regulations in the Work Environment Are Being more Strictly Enforced: Georgia has implemented stricter enforcement of safety regulations with the objective of preventing workplace injuries. This is part of a policy push for employer accountability for keeping a safe workplace and being more mindful of working conditions for Georgia employees.
  1. Claims Processes Have Been Streamlined: Administrative procedures have been streamlined in an effort to reduce delays and ensure injured workers receive benefits in a more timely and efficient manner.

How Does The Workers Comp System Attempt to Ensure Fair Compensation?

Georgia’s workers compensation system operates on a no-fault basis. This means that injured workers are entitled to benefits regardless of who caused the accident. The no-fault system is intended to provide fair compensation at a swifter pace, while also attempting to protect employers and business owners from expensive claims.

What are Some Common Types of Workplace Injuries Leading to Claims?

Workplace injuries can range from minor accidents to severe disabilities, with some of the most common types including:

  1. Slip and Fall Accidents: Occurring due to slippery floors, uneven surfaces, or cluttered walkways.
  2. Repetitive Strain Injuries: Resulting from repetitive motions such as typing, lifting, or assembly line work.
  3. Equipment Malfunctions: Injuries caused by defective machinery, inadequate maintenance, or lack of safety guards.
  4. Overexertion: Strains and sprains caused by lifting, pushing, or carrying heavy objects without proper training or equipment.
  5. Occupational Illnesses: Conditions such as mesothelioma, respiratory diseases, or hearing loss caused by exposure to hazardous substances or unsafe working conditions.

Why Choose Cheves Briceno for Your Workers Compensation Claim?

When it comes to securing the compensation you deserve for a workplace injury, Cheves Briceno stands head and shoulders above the rest. Here’s why you should trust us with your workers compensation claim:

  1. Expertise and Experience: With years of experience specializing in workers compensation law, Cheves Briceno has a deep understanding of Georgia’s statutes and regulations, ensuring optimal outcomes for our clients.
  2. Personalized Attention: We provide individualized attention to every client, guiding them through the legal process with compassion and care.
  3. Proven Track Record: Our firm has a proven track record of success, securing substantial settlements and verdicts for injured workers across Georgia.
  4. Aggressive Advocacy: We are dedicated to fighting for our clients’ rights, leveraging our legal expertise and resources to obtain the best possible results.
  5. Accessible and Responsive: Injured workers need prompt and reliable legal assistance, which is why we make ourselves available 24/7 to address our clients’ concerns and questions.

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