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Putting a Value on Housework Helps Your Wrongful Death Claim

Putting a Value on Housework Helps Your Wrongful Death Claim

When a loved one unexpectedly dies and a wrongful death claim doesn’t even enter our minds, the financial effects of that loss often aren’t your top priority. The emotional well-being of your family members as they process their grief will be the focus for most people. While taking time to grieve is essential, you also need to be ready to take action sooner rather than later if the death was the result of someone else’s actions or neglect.  This is known as a “wrongful death claim”. 

homemaker wrongful death claim

You Can Hold People Responsible for Your Loss in a Wrongful Death Claim

Under Georgia law, you can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against a person or business that causes a death through neglect, criminal acts or recklessness. You can ask for compensation for lost wages, funeral costs and medical bills. It is also important to consider the unpaid work your loved one did for your family.

For Most People, Unpaid Housework is a Part-time Job

Starting in the teen years and lasting throughout adulthood, the average American does about 21.5 hours of unpaid housework a week. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women average about 26.7 hours of unpaid work around the house each week. Men generally average about 15.9 hours. When someone dies, not only do you have to cope with the direct financial implications of their loss, but also the secondary effects. Loss of their services around the house will mean that you either have to do extra hours of unpaid work or hire someone else to do that work. Both options will have an impact on your life and happiness.

Asking for compensation for the value of unpaid work will not only increase the amount you can request in a wrongful death lawsuit. It will also help reduce the strain this loss has caused your family.

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