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The devastating impacts of a personal injury due to an accident can last for months, years or a lifetime. The road to your best possible recovery can involve numerous obstacles, including hospitalization, physical therapy, surgeries, counseling, lost wages, mounting medical expenses and a difficult insurance company that refuses to provide fair compensation for your personal injury claim. Without our personal injury attorney Kennesaw team representing you, you have to be concerned with your physical recovery and mental well-being after an accident and carefully plan your negotiating strategy with the insurance provider to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for suffering due to someone else’s negligence.

Common mistakes that people make when attempting to negotiate better settlements with an insurance provider include:

  • Accepting an insurance company’s first offer in response to your claim.
  • Immediately attempting to admit fault after an accident occurs, even if you bear no responsibility. This is often a social response to help reduce the other person’s apparent stress or anxiety over their own fault.
  • Failing to research the full value of their claim based on all relevant damages.
    Misdiagnosing injuries and exaggerating their extent.
  • Not consulting a Kennesaw personal injury lawyer to review settlement terms because an insurance adjuster advised that one isn’t needed and will only prolong the process.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney Kennesaw for My Case?

The examples noted above are only a few of the ways in which your claim can be compromised or questioned during negotiations. A qualified personal injury attorney in Kennesaw, GA will provide guidance on each step of the negotiation process and handle communication for you. By partnering with Cheves Briceno as your personal injury attorney in Kennesaw, GA you can remove the significant mental burden of your personal injury claim and feel confident that the best, most defensible case is being made on your behalf.

Car Accident Attorney Kennesaw, GA

Suffering personal injuries in a car accident can be both traumatic and painful. When someone else’s negligence has caused your vehicle accident you can pursue compensation for your damages. Common examples of negligence that results in car accidents include tired driving, drunk driving, distracted driving and failure to heed traffic laws. These are only a few cases in which another party may be 100% responsible for causing the accident. A Cheves Briceno car accident attorney in Kennesaw, GA will work tirelessly to defend your interests and help you receive maximum compensation. You can rest assured that one of our accident attorney Kennesaw representatives will take care of your case until the very end.

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