Improperly Secured Loads on Semi Trucks Can Claim Lives

Improperly Secured Loads on Semi Trucks Can Claim Lives

A trucker has many responsibilities as they’re heading out on a haul. One of these is to ensure that the cargo they’re carrying is properly secured. The U.S. Department of Transportation sets specific standards for how certain loads should be secured. Truckers who don’t verify compliance with those standards, even if another party secured the load, can face serious repercussions.

There are several things that can impact how secure a load is. For example, cargo that’s secured according to regulations might still come loose if the trucker is driving in an overly aggressive manner with hard turns and slamming on the brakes. Other factors include the type of tools used to secure the load, the stability of the cargo and the condition of the securement accessories.

Trucks Can Claim Lives

Dangers of an Improperly Secured Load

When cargo isn’t secured appropriately, it can shift in a way that makes the trailer unstable. This can make the rig impossible for the trucker to control. This can lead to a crash that injures innocent parties. It’s also possible that the cargo may come off the trailer. It may strike vehicles or become a hazard in the roadway. Either situation can cause a serious truck crash and truck crash injury.

Anyone who is injured in a semitruck crash should consult with an attorney. Seeking compensation for the damages you suffered in the crash is the first step in shifting the financial liability related to the crash to the accountable party.

It’s imperative that you act quickly because there are time limits associated with these cases. You must also ensure that you seek all appropriate compensation because you can’t return to seek more once the matter is resolved.

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