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Immigration Lawyer Spokane, WA

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Everyone deserves a fair chance to reach their immigration goals, whether that means an adjustment of status, fighting unfair removal proceedings or seeking full U.S. citizenship. Unfortunately, the prolonged and sometimes complex processes involved with immigration status changes can seem insurmountable. Working with a proven immigration attorney in Spokane, WA can easily put your immigration goals within reach and provide you peace of mind that your application has been completed thoroughly and precisely, and submitted to the proper authorities without undue disclosure of personal information.

Cheves Briceno provides our clients with award-winning and industry-recognized service that combines multilingual staff and depth of expertise working for U.S. immigration agencies with compassionate, aggressive representation. We’re incredibly proud of the results we get for deserving clients through personalized attention and extensive knowledge of the immigration system, process, agencies and current policies. No matter what stage you’re at or the complexity of your situation you can trust the Cheves Briceno immigration lawyers in Spokane, WA to deliver sound advice, effective communication and keen problem solving abilities in support of your immigration goals.

Why Should I Work With an Immigration Lawyer in Spokane, WA?

We highly recommend consultation with a qualified immigration lawyer in Spokane, WA from the first day that you decide to immigrate or seek a change of status. An immigration lawyer in Spokane, WA will help you understand if you’re even eligible for a residency status in the U.S., including a full U.S. citizenship.

  • Regardless of your current residency status (even if you don’t have one) your eligibility depends on specific details like how long you’ve lived in the country (or if you haven’t), your personal conduct while living here, other family members living in the U.S., whether you have a green card and many other factors.
  • Depending on your current status, applying for an adjustment might notify authorities who were previously unaware of your presence in the country. It’s important to discuss your options with an immigration lawyer in Spokane, WA before making a decision that could actually harm you in the long term.
  • There are specific actions you can take that will affect either your eligibility for certain statuses (including spending too long outside the U.S.) or delays in your application review process (e.g., if you change addresses after an application has been submitted). An immigration lawyer in Spokane, WA can provide insightful, compassionate guidance on navigating these issues and help ensure you take the correct steps.

Deportation Lawyer in Spokane, WA

Removal proceedings can be incredibly stressful and, if not handled properly, mean that you are removed from the country under difficult and unfair circumstances. There are legal avenues of recourse (depending on your situation) even if you face deportation from the U.S. A qualified and experienced deportation lawyer in Spokane, WA can help you understand and pursue the next steps at exactly the right time.

Immigration Law Services We Provide

  • Application for Employment Authorization
  • Citizenship/Naturalization Application
  • Family-Based Green Card Petition
  • Employment-Based Petitions
  • Adjustment of Status Application
  • Deportation Defense

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