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Comprehensive Immigration Representation

Immigration laws and practices have fluctuated wildly in the past 5 years, with continually shifting guidance from federal agencies. As highly experienced Atlanta immigration lawyers for Atlanta family & immigration law, we know that these changes have left many families and individuals in a state of uncertainty. Our goal as your dedicated Atlanta immigration lawyer or Atlanta deportation lawyer is to help you successfully navigate the complex process of immigration and achieve your desired outcome, whether it’s permanent or temporary residency in the United States.

Comprehensive Immigration Representation

Our attorneys have handled the most complex Atlanta family & immigration law cases. Specifically, family-based immigration is where we have the most experience. We can help you through all stages of the process. From getting your green card to establishing residency, we are here to answer all of your questions. We also help those who are facing deportation. Our firm understands the importance of being with family. We want to help you stay here and do so taking the appropriate steps.

We pride ourselves on our ability to stay up to date on the ever-changing legal system. Immigration is not an easy topic to understand, especially in our current political climate. We will do everything we can to protect your rights and your best interests. We listen to each client with an open mind and compassion. We can then come up with a plan together and determine how to best to move forward. From beginning to end, you can rest assured that your best interests will be represented.

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Family-Based Immigration

Keeping your family together is always a priority. Many people who come to this country need help to do that. Cheves Briceno can answer your questions and explain your options. Together, we will figure out how to best move forward.

Removal Defense

Facing deportation can cause a tremendous amount of stress. A Cheves Briceno deportation lawyer is here to defend your rights every step of the way. We have worked with clients throughout Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. When your future is on the line, we are the firm to trust.

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Business Immigration

Business immigration is the most significant and most actively evolving part of immigration law and requires sophisticated counsel due to its high technicality. We have a highly sophisticated and effective business immigration practice that provides far greater value than low-cost service providers.

Cheves Briceno provides clients with remarkably deep insight into the immigration process from experience in both the private and public sectors. Though we are based in the Atlanta-metro area and have established ourselves as leading Atlanta immigration lawyers, we serve a wide variety of clients in multiple states throughout the U.S.

Many of our staff members, attorneys and associates are multilingual. We take pride in offering our clients the services of an Atlanta immigration lawyer while being able to converse in their native language, whether it’s Spanish, Portuguese or Farsi.

Our firm understands the importance of being with family. We want to serve as your Atlanta immigration lawyer and help you or your loved ones get here and stay here. From getting your green card to establishing residency, we are here to answer all of your questions. 

Our Atlanta immigration lawyers are experienced in the most complicated matters of immigration law and we can help you through each stage of the process. Whether you are seeking to immigrate to the U.S. as an individual, as part of a family (or to unite your family) or you are facing possible deportation we can provide the consultation and representation you need.

We place significant priority on staying up to date on the ever-changing legal system to provide insight you need from an Atlanta immigration lawyer. Immigration is not an easy topic to understand, especially in our current political climate. We will do everything we can to protect your rights and your best interests. We listen to each client with an open mind and compassion. Once we understand your situation, we can then come up with a plan together and determine how to best move forward. From beginning to end, you can rest assured that your best interests will be represented by a qualified Atlanta immigration lawyer.

You are not required to use an Atlanta immigration attorney for some aspects of the immigration process. During the course of the immigration process, you may be required to prove various elements of your background or verify information about your education, family ties, criminal charges and much more. For criminal matters related to the immigration process (e.g., if you have been convicted of a crime) or another type of hearing before an immigration judge you will need formal legal assistance to ensure you are properly represented and protected from additional charges or complications.

Anyone seeking to immigrate to the United States will likely need support from a qualified Atlanta immigration attorney. The most common reasons that people hire an Atlanta immigration attorney for assistance include:

  • To help secure a visa or green card
  • If you have a criminal conviction
  • A prior application was denied and you don’t know why or how to rectify the issue
  • To prove the legitimacy of a previous marriage
  • To help clarify the best path forward if your application has been stalled
  • If you have doubts or concerns about your eligibility for citizenship or other residency statuses 
  • You were previously deported from the U.S.
  • You currently face deportation proceedings

These are only a few of the reasons that immigration attorneys are hired to represent and assist clients. The Atlanta immigration attorneys at Cheves Briceno understand that each person’s circumstances are unique and we are committed to listening, learning your situation and providing you with compassionate, aggressive representation.

An experienced Atlanta immigration attorney can relieve stress and serve as a trusted partner by providing peace of mind that you have completed all required documentation properly and in a timely manner. Additionally, if complications arise as they often do, you will have expert counsel to assist in resolving the matter. Some of the top benefits of hiring an Atlanta immigration attorney include:

  • If English is not your first language and you are not currently based in the U.S., communication with federal authorities can be difficult to impossible. Your Atlanta immigration attorney can conduct communication on your behalf.
  • Saving money by completing your application correctly the first time, and avoiding the possibility of further delays due to unintentional errors. 
  • In some cases where your application must be rushed or the process has stalled, an Atlanta immigration attorney may be able to expedite the application review. 
  • Problem-solving when an application is either denied or further information is requested for verification.
  • To ensure that you don’t accidentally incriminate yourself or complicate the process by offering extraneous information.

An Atlanta Immigration attorney is different from a typical attorney that might be involved in a criminal or civil lawsuit. While we will go to any lengths our clients need, including representing our clients in court during immigration-related hearings, much of our time is spent ensuring that all documentation is completed and recorded properly rather than preparing for trial. 

Specifically, an Atlanta immigration attorney will provide guidance throughout the process of immigration to become a citizen or to receive various other legally recognized statuses in the U.S., including for a visa, green card, work permits, family petitions and more. 

An Atlanta immigration attorney will provide support and counsel by outlining how the process works, helping you answer key questions, responding to official inquiries or notices, filling out legal documents, and determining the best options based on your citizenship goals. Much of your Atlanta immigration attorney’s time is spent acting as an official liaison between clients and federal agencies overseeing the immigration processes. 

Those seeking immigration to the United States are required to follow a lengthy and often complicated process involving at least the following:

  • Visas - typically obtained during a stay in the U.S. for work or pleasure, or while seeking citizenship or another residency status.
  • Green cards - sought by adults seeking permanent residency to work and/or live in the United States, sometimes before becoming a full citizen.
  • Full citizenship requests.
  • Several of the dozens of specialized forms issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and used for everything from a request for expedited processing to a request for a fee schedule of all required immigration forms.

Yes, you can use an Atlanta immigration attorney for assistance even if you are not currently living in or have never lived in the United States.

Because the immigration process can take several years, many circumstances in your life may change too. Life events, political uncertainty and federal policy changes can each affect the status of your application. Events that frequently cause challenges, delays and frustration during the immigration process can include:

  • You are divorced or separated from your spouse during the application process.
  • A child turns 21 before the application is accepted.
  • A criminal offense occurs during the immigration process.
  • It is discovered that you owe back taxes to the IRS.
  • Immigration officials have doubts about your moral character, whether valid or not.
  • You have illegally or improperly obtained government benefits.

If and when these problems arise, an Atlanta immigration attorney will partner with you to clarify exactly what your steps and approach should be to settle the matter and continue forward on your immigration path.



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