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People immigrate to the U.S. for many reasons. No matter when or why they choose to seek residency in the U.S., many immigrant’s challenges are the same, including delays, rejected applications or radio silence from government agencies throughout the process. Then, if something goes wrong due to an error or clerical mistake, applicants are left on their own to sort out the situation and find a resolution. As experienced immigration lawyers in Norcross, GA, we understand from experience just how taxing and unclear legal immigration processes can be.

As trusted immigration lawyers in Norcross, GA, the team at Cheves Briceno always brings a compassionate approach to our relationships with clients. We know that an empathetic partner and expert counsel are critical when you’re in a stressful situation like deportation proceedings, immigration hearings or simply trying to help a family member reach the U.S. Once we understand your specific circumstances we begin aggressive representation and reliable partnership to help you receive the residency status you deserve.

Should I Hire an Immigration Lawyer in Norcross, GA?

Aside from their support and consultation throughout the immigration process, an immigration attorney in Norcross, GA can help you in particularly difficult situations that might arise, including the following:

  • If you have previously applied and were rejected, or you were previously removed from the country.
  • You are facing a complicated or long-term situation like a family-based petition.
  • A criminal background or current criminal charges have caused your status to change or threatened your application.

These are only a few examples of issues you might experience during the immigration process, and an experienced Cheves Briceno immigration lawyer from Norcross, GA will be by your side to determine the best course of action no matter what occurs.

Immigration Law Services We Provide

Cheves Briceno is the best immigration law firm in Norcross, and beyond.  If you are in Norcross and search for “best immigration lawyer Norcross” and Cheves Briceno doesn’t come up on your search, simply call 855- 274-2366 and our immigration lawyers will respond promptly.  We help in all areas of Norcross immigration law, including:

Contact us about your Norcross, immigration needs today.  We are here to help and speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and can meet other language needs as well.

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