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Immigration Attorney Johns Creek, GA

Comprehensive Immigration Representation

Navigating the immigration process is hard and the whole ordeal can be quite confusing no matter how much research you do or how many questions you ask. Additionally, language barriers may add another layer of difficulty in figuring out the next steps in your immigration process. The legal and formal terminology used in immigration forms requires an excellent grasp of the English language. A proven Johns Creek immigration attorney can serve as your dedicated legal resource for consultation and representation.

Gerardo Briceno, the founder and managing partner at Cheves Briceno, spent years working in legal capacities for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Office of Chief Counsel in Miami. This experience has provided the firm with invaluable and highly unique insight regarding the immigration process. Now, as a practicing attorney, Gerardo applies his knowledge of the public and private sectors when practicing immigration law. Being able to anticipate and quickly address common problems is an enormous advantage for Cheves Briceno clients.

Why Should I Work With a Johns Creek Immigration Attorney?

Unless you are a legal expert, chances are high that you will have difficulty determining exactly where to start the immigration process. Decisions about which type of residency status you should pursue, when to seek an adjustment of status and how to avoid causing further legal issues during your process are difficult to answer without a thorough understanding of immigration law. A Johns Creek immigration attorney will provide consultation on where, when, and how to start your path to citizenship or the right residency status depending on the circumstances of your case. Additionally, if problems arise during the review process of your application, a Johns Creek immigration attorney will provide representation on your behalf to keep you or a loved one safe and protected.

Immigration Law Services We Provide

Cheves Briceno is the best immigration law firm in Johns Creek, and beyond.  If you are in Johns Creek and search for “best immigration lawyer Johns Creek” and Cheves Briceno doesn’t come up on your search, simply call 855- 274-2366 and our immigration lawyers will respond promptly.  We help in all areas of Johns Creek immigration law, including:

Contact us about your Johns Creek, immigration needs today.  We are here to help and speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and can meet other language needs as well.

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