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Few things about immigration processes and procedures are predictable with certainty. Even in situations where your applications or requests have been received and are currently under review, the details of your personal life might remain in constant flux. Understanding how changes in your personal life could impact immigration proceedings can seem impossible and feel incredibly frustrating.

Since our founding, Cheves Briceno has pursued our mission of providing compassionate but aggressive representation for our clients. Our commitment to this mission and superior service as trusted immigration attorneys in Fulton County, GA has helped us maintain excellent client reviews, including a 5-star rating on and several other sites. At Cheves Briceno, we believe strongly that achieving the outcomes our clients need is the best measure of success. Helping individuals immigrate to the U.S., solve immigration issues or unite their families is incredibly rewarding and we’re proud to be the preferred choice for an immigration attorney in Fulton County, GA.

How Will I Benefit from Working With an Immigration Attorney in Fulton County, GA?

Merely filling out and submitting your application for immigration or a change of status is only one part of the total immigration process. Many seeking to come to the U.S. learn quickly that there are numerous practices and regulations they were not aware of at first. Because the circumstances in your life will likely change during the immigration process, your immigration attorney in Fulton County, GA will help in various ways, including:

  • Making and storing records of your applications. These copies can be invaluable if yours gets lost or the immigration agencies request a copy.
  • Notifying relevant authorities if your address changes.
  • Adjusting or amending your applications (or submitting additional ones) if you are married, have a child or your child turns 21 before you are granted the desired residency status.
  • Responding to requests for evidence in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Researching potential delays on your behalf.

These are just a few of the ways in which an immigration attorney in Fulton County, GA can provide assistance and support your immigration process.

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Cheves Briceno is the best immigration law firm in Fulton, and beyond.  If you are in Fulton and search for “best immigration lawyer Fulton” and Cheves Briceno doesn’t come up on your search, simply call 855- 274-2366 and our immigration lawyers will respond promptly.  We help in all areas of Fulton immigration law, including:

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