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Regardless of the residency status you’re pursuing or the issues you’re trying to resolve, you’ll likely have many questions when first starting your immigration journey. Common questions we hear before and during the immigration process include:

  • Am I eligible for U.S. citizenship?
  • Why has my application process been delayed for so long?
  • Can I help family members immigrate to the U.S., or can they do the same for me?
  • Why have deportation proceedings been started against me and can I fight them?


These are normal, commonly asked questions about a process that will have an enormous impact on your future.

Your individual life, needs and long term goals are unique. As trusted immigration attorneys in Dekalb, GA we understand that the details of your situation will affect and guide your immigration journey. We strive to give every client the personalized attention, respect, and courtesy they deserve, especially when family circumstances have placed them in a difficult position. If any issues occur during the course of immigration proceedings you can depend on a Cheves Briceno immigration attorney in Dekalb, GA for a compassionate approach, a listening ear and effective counsel.

Why Should I Work With an Immigration Attorney in Dekalb, GA?

Rather than relying on your own ability to research, learn and fully understand the immigration process, working with an immigration attorney in Dekalb, GA will allow you to rely on their expertise and partnership. The potential benefits offered by hiring an immigration attorney in Dekalb, GA can be enormous.

  • Because your immigration attorney in Dekalb will quickly, efficiently and accurately complete your applications, you don’t need to worry about mistakes or false information causing delays or even a rejection.
  • Working with an immigration attorney can actually shorten the total time it takes for your application to be reviewed. This can be the result of the application having no issues or your attorney seeking special privileges depending on your circumstances.
  • A trusted immigration attorney in Dekalb will also be able to help you understand exactly how to respond if issues do occur during the application process.

Immigration Law Services We Provide

Cheves Briceno is the best immigration law firm in Dekalb, and beyond.  If you are in Dekalb and search for “best immigration lawyer Dekalb” and Cheves Briceno doesn’t come up on your search, simply call 855- 274-2366 and our immigration lawyers will respond promptly.  We help in all areas of Dekalb immigration law, including:

Contact us about your Dekalb, immigration needs today.  We are here to help and speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and can meet other language needs as well.

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