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Did You Know This Is the Most Common Cause of a Semi Truck Crash?

Did You Know Passenger Vehicles are Common Causes of Semi Truck Crashes?

It’s easy to assume that the trucker is always to blame when there’s a semi truck crash that involves a passenger vehicle and a semitruck, but this isn’t always what happens. In the majority of wrecks that involve those two types of vehicles, it’s often a passenger vehicle driver who’s to blame. But, that driver might not necessarily be the one who was struck by the semitruck. The accident can cause a chain reaction that involves many other vehicles around.

Many drivers don’t take a truck’s extended stopping distance and other factors into account when they’re driving around one. This may lead to cutting the semi off, which can result in a serious crash if the trucker tries to take evasive action but there’s a different passenger car in the large blind spots around the trailer and cab.

There are a few other things that passenger vehicle drivers might do that can lead to wrecks. These include merging improperly, driving too close to the semi and getting caught in the cross-winds, and failing to allow a semitruck their lawful right of way.

Of course, there are some semitruck crashes that are caused by the actions of the trucker or something that goes wrong with the truck. Some of these include crashes caused by trucker fatigue, recklessness or distraction.

Component failure is also possible, which can be the fault of the manufacturer or installer. There’s also a chance that the trucking company might be to blame if the underlying reason for the crash is tight scheduling.

Anyone who’s involved in a crash with a semi truck will likely need extensive medical care. This can be costly and require time off of work. Seeking compensation after this type of wreck can help them to recover from the financial devastation that comes with it, but claims can be complicated due to the sheer number of parties involved in a wreck. Find out what it takes to pursue a successful claim. Contact Cheves Briceno today for a free consultation. 

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