Did You Get Hit By a Drowsy Driver?

Did You Get Hit By a Drowsy Driver?

If you have been hit by a drowsy driver, know that you have a rights and are protected by the law–but you will need the best auto accident lawyers to handle your case.

When you’re too tired, it’s difficult to do anything well. You stumble over your words. You make mistakes at work. You nod off in meetings. But then do you go out and hop into your car is if doing so is safe? You may not, but many people do. These drowsy drivers are a very real threat to your safety and well-being every time you go out on the road.

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How common is drowsy driving?

It’s hard to know exactly how common drowsy driving is. Those who don’t crash may never report it. Even those who do crash may not realize that being tired is what caused that wreck. They could also fail to report how tired they were if they don’t want to be blamed for the accident. Plus, drowsy driving is not just a problem when someone falls asleep behind the wheel. It’s also an issue if a tired driver has slower reaction times and poor judgment, even while awake.

Even with all of these hurdles, though, government officials say that around 800 people passed away in drowsy-driving accidents in 2017. If you assume that the total is higher because of the issues noted above, it could be well over 1,000. This means that multiple people are losing their lives every day, on average, and that doesn’t even consider all of the people who get injured.

What are your rights when you’re injured by a drowsy driver?

If you have been hurt by another driver in an accident, you need to know what legal rights you have to seek compensation. This may help cover medical bills, lost wages and other costs.  The car accident attorneys you are going to want to contact are just a phone call away, at Cheves Briceno personal injury attorneys.  We have the experience it takes with drowsy drivers and all other types of auto accidents for which you need to recover damages.  We work only on contingency, which means that if you don’t recover, we don’t get paid!  Give Cheves Briceno a call for any type of personal injury matter.  All first consultations are free, and we don’t judge you or draw any conclusions–we are here to help and guide you to recovery. 

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