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The promise of a better life and brighter future causes many to seek immigration to the U.S. or to change their status for a more permanent residency solution. Unfortunately, numerous problems can occur during the immigration process, and those already in the U.S. can face continual issues as federal policies or their personal circumstances change.

It’s rare to find Stone Mountain immigration attorneys with extensive experience in both the public and private immigration processes. Cheves Briceno founder and managing partner Gerardo Briceno has spent time working for the U.S. government in both Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Office of Chief Counsel in Miami. Today, Gerardo and other Stone Mountain immigration attorneys at Cheves Briceno bring this experience to bear when working with clients. Our dedicated team of Stone Mountain immigration attorneys help clients understand each step of the process, navigate important inquiries, investigate delays or rejections in the review process, and provide representation in court when needed.


Why Are the Advantages to Working With a Stone Mountain Immigration Attorney?

The immigration process is often not as straightforward as it seems. Once an application is accepted and the review process begins you may be asked to verify information, review documents, or speak with immigration officials. Doing this work on your own and conducting correspondence with U.S. government officials can feel intimidating and even risky if you’re currently in a difficult situation like facing deportation or residing in the country without an official status. Regardless of your current status you may not feel comfortable or confident in your ability to understand and respond to requests for additional information or in-person interviews. A Stone Mountain immigration attorney will offer the guidance and representation you need to ensure that each step of the process goes as smoothly as possible.


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I talked to Gerardo Briceno to get immigration advice. He answered all my doubts, was reassuring and professional. From our talk, I can say he has a lot of experience in different immigration matters. In addition to his knowledge, he is very nice and thoughtful, which differentiated him from other lawyers I contacted.

-Diana C.

Very professional yet personable at the same time, Gerardo was very helpful and patient with me and always found an answer for my questions and concerns. Mr. Briceno and Ghiaasiaan & Briceno Law were the best. I had a great experience, I'm very glad I chose them to represent me.

-Mario S.

I usually wouldn't write a review but this firm truly merits five stars. I am amazed they have the time to be so thorough and effective. I would recommend them to anyone for any purpose. Very professional and responsive to my needs.

-Julian J.

I called them to get family/immigration advice, and they new right away the answer. You can tell they have been doing it for a long time. On top of it, they were very nice on the phone. I definitely will use them again.

-Evelyn E.

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