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Your entire life is affected by the immigration process. It’s quite common for applications to be rejected, for the process to slow down or stop, or for additional evidence or clarifying information to be requested. However, the circumstances in your personal life don’t get put on hold during the immigration process, including separation from family or a potentially unsafe situation.

Whether you’re just starting your path toward becoming a U.S. citizen or you’ve been working through the process for months, an immigration lawyer in Gwinnett, GA can be trusted to provide aggressive representation or communication on your behalf and identify issues or remove delays affecting the status of your application. At Cheves Briceno, our commitment as your immigration attorney in Gwinnett, GA is to seek every possible opportunity for a favorable outcome, and we won’t rest until a successful plan is in place.


How Will an Immigration Lawyer from Gwinnett, GA Help Your Immigration Process?

We often work with clients who are in tough positions; sometimes due to no fault of their own. Unfortunately, the path forward for these individuals can seem very unclear and not particularly hopeful. Our job as your immigration attorney in Gwinnett, GA is to research all possible avenues of a successful petition in your case. Difficult or confusing situations faced during the immigration process might include:

  • You have no official residency status but are currently residing in the U.S. and are unsure of how to proceed.
  • A criminal charge is fairly or mistakenly brought against you while staying in the U.S. or awaiting acceptance of your application for a residency status.
  • In very difficult cases you may even have problems accessing reliable communication infrastructures like a computer, phone, Internet, a car or even mail routes. These circumstances are more likely to be experienced by those without any recognized status in the U.S. or who are seeking to immigrate from another country.

You can begin working with an experienced Cheves Briceno immigration attorney in Gwinnett, GA today to start an easier and less stressful process of immigration.


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I talked to Gerardo Briceno to get immigration advice. He answered all my doubts, was reassuring and professional. From our talk, I can say he has a lot of experience in different immigration matters. In addition to his knowledge, he is very nice and thoughtful, which differentiated him from other lawyers I contacted.

-Diana C.

Very professional yet personable at the same time, Gerardo was very helpful and patient with me and always found an answer for my questions and concerns. Mr. Briceno and Ghiaasiaan & Briceno Law were the best. I had a great experience, I'm very glad I chose them to represent me.

-Mario S.

I usually wouldn't write a review but this firm truly merits five stars. I am amazed they have the time to be so thorough and effective. I would recommend them to anyone for any purpose. Very professional and responsive to my needs.

-Julian J.

I called them to get family/immigration advice, and they new right away the answer. You can tell they have been doing it for a long time. On top of it, they were very nice on the phone. I definitely will use them again.

-Evelyn E.

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