Inside of a speeding car at night driven by a drunk driver

Why Is Drinking and Driving So Dangerous?

Drunk driving, or driving under the influence (DUI) is an incredibly dangerous and selfish act to engage in. Everyone knows drunk driving is illegal, it has been for years, and there have been countless campaigns against it. Yet many argue they are fine to drive after a few beers. They probably do not understand the…

Big truck driving towards a person's car on the interstate

Big Trucks Carry Big Risks On the Road For Other Drivers

Commercial vehicles help transport large groups of people and large quantities of merchandise, goods and supplies from one end of the country to the other. Their massive size makes them an efficient means of transporting cargo over land. Unfortunately, their size also makes them a significant source of danger to others on the road. There…

Hispanic senior woman with her son

What Family Members Can Citizens Sponsor For Immigration?

As a United States citizen, one of your rights is the right to sponsor your family members if they want to move to the U.S. but are citizens of another country. Regardless of whether you are a natural-born citizen or a naturalized citizen, family immigration can be a way for you to reconnect with the…

Truck with Traffic cones and " Diversion" sign outside a construction zone.

Why Is It So Dangerous to Share the Road With Truckers Near Construction Zones?

There tend to be several warning signs that you’re approaching a construction zone. Not only may you see concrete barriers, neon-colored signs or cones letting you know that one is ahead, but you may also notice reduced speed limit signs as you do. Transportation and public safety officials take every possible measure to minimize the…

Woman shaking out her bedsheets

Putting a Value on Housework Helps Your Wrongful Death Claim

When a loved one unexpectedly dies, the financial effects of that loss often aren’t your top priority. The emotional well-being of your family members as they process their grief will be the focus for most people. While taking time to grieve is important, you also need to be ready to take action sooner rather than…

Group of Americans flying the American flag

Will Immigration Policies Change in 2021?

We’re closer to 2021 every day, and many people are asking what types of changes they may see in the new year. For immigrants and prospective immigrants, a lot of these questions center around immigration policies. Are they going to change in the near future? What types of changes can you expect to see? Improper…

Sleepy young man rubs his eyes with his right hand. His left hand is on the steering wheel. He is sitting at his car. Road safety concept.

Did You Get Hit By a Drowsy Driver?

When you’re too tired, it’s difficult to do anything well. You stumble over your words. You make mistakes at work. You nod off in meetings. But then do you go out and hop into your car is if doing so is safe? You may not, but many people do. These drowsy drivers are a very…

Businessman walking on road holding his bicycle crossing the road. Man wearing office bag and wireless headphones going to office holding his bike.

For Safety, Don’t Listen to Music While You Ride Your Bike

You use your bike to commute as long as the weather allows it. Every ride gives you about half an hour to get some exercise, listen to your favorite music on your headphones and make an impact on the high traffic levels around you. You take pride in multitasking and removing the impact of one…

Dark outlines of people going through chain migration while the sun sets

How Chain Migration Can Preserve Your Family Unity

You left your native homeland to provide a better life for your family. It was hard to leave your wife and children and your own parents behind when you came to the United States. But you worked hard and found a job. You were able to find a place to live and began sending money…



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